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Mission / Quest Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to missions and quests in video games.


How do you activate the light tower in Skyloft after directing both windmills at it?

Where do I find Gondo for the quest to find the windmill part using the junk robot?

How do I get the Kikwi down out of the tree when he is too scared to climb down

How do you get past the eye sentry that blocks the door in the skyview temple

How do you get a boat to cross the ocean to lambay abbey?

The side quest feed trudi is glitched on Sargasso when you try to play it a second time on challenge mode

Where is the final clue in Mrs Driscolls house as part of the rat paper scissors quest in stranger things

How do you fill the party meter for the DJ at the beach?

Where is Jack's tie clip in the apartment at the start of the game?

Where can i find gold during the Deep Rock Galactic mining tutorial?