Why Is The Fridge Door Always Open?

In between the main missions of the game, you will be able to explore the Milano. This is a lot of fun as it gives you a sneak peek into the bedrooms of the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy to see how they chill when they are on their own.

If you explore other areas of the ship, you will notice that in the kitchen area, there is a fridge door that will be open the first time you find it. Each time you return to the fridge, you will find the fridge door is open again. Is there a reason for this and is there some kind of secret reward you can obtain from this?

Does The Open Fridge Door Do Anything?

So the short answer here is no, I don’t think so. I made sure the close the fridge door every single time I went back to the ship in the hope that I would unlock something cool for it. The reward seems to come in the form of some witty dialogue from the other members when they spot you doing it.

This appears to be nothing more than a joke where everyone on the team thinks that someone else is leaving it open. Everyone is making the effort to close it and is annoyed with whoever is leaving it open. The reality seems to be that the fridge door is just broken. Read below for a small spoiler that further clarifies this.

guardians of thegalaxy fridge door
The fridge door can be closed whenever you go over to it. Sometimes people on the team will talk to you about it


Once I got to the end of the game, there was no reward at all for closing the fridge door on a regular basis but there is a nod to it in the closing credits. I think the open door is just a bit of a running gag that someone in the team is constantly leaving it open. The closing note suggests otherwise though, it seems the fridge door may just be broken and Peter has found a useful way to keep it open.

closing fridge door
At the end of the game, you can see peter has found a way to keep the fridge door closed.


  1. Fridge in his flashbacks are always open aswell

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