How To Break Out of The Red Jelly

How To Break Out of The Red Jelly

After sliding down a steep cliff, you will find yourself stuck in a pit of red jelly. Gamora was able to jump to avoid it but the rest of you are sinking and things do not look good. Rocket is about to drown before you get a quick time event prompt that involves the thumbsticks that you must solve to free him. Performing this task is not as easy as it seems, however.

Quick time events are a less than ideal way to make cutscenes more interactive. In times like this when you are presented with a brand new type of task to solve without any sort of prompt on how to solve this kind. Here is what you need to do to break rocket out of the red jelly before he drowns in the Guardians of the Galaxy game.

Free Rocket From The Red Jelly

When you see the prompt appear on the screen, you will need to aim the two analog sticks toward the circle in the middle of the marker. Both of the sticks will have a line that is pointing toward the middle, you just have to target this.

The video guide above will show you the scene in game and how to deal with the situation where you find yourself stuck in the red jelly.


  1. This game is ruined by these impossible interactive cut scenes. Having to do the same scene 50 times is ridiculous.

    • I wouldn’t go that far but agree they can be a pain at times

  2. How is it done on a PC?

  3. I cannot get past it . I am on a computer and have no idea what to do.

  4. Yep. It’s all super dumb.

    I love the characters and the writing though, so I’ll slog through.

  5. In the same pit, get everything lined up, circle turns green nothing happens.
    On PC, using mouse and keyboard. Watched utube, did what they did still don’t work.

  6. On PC, use the keyboard and mouse to move the two markers inside the circle. Then I think you have to press the middle mouse (wheel) button.

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