Where To Find Pelicans In Forbidden West

Pelicans are strikingly large sea birds that can be hunted in Horizon Forbidden West. They are very easy to find due to the fact that they stick out when they are roaming along the coast.

Pelicans can only be found on beaches or along the coastline. There are several beaches in the game. You will easily find them on any of the western coastlines. All you have to do is run up and down a beach and you are sure to find one of them. They are huge so it is very easy to see them, they stand out due to their large size.

where to find pelicans
Pelicans are common across the coastline on the west of the map. Any sandy beach and you will find lots

Hunting Pelicans is very easy. They are hard to miss with any type of arrow. They fly incredibly slow compared to other birds. If you startle one and they try to fly away, it’s a pretty easy moving target to be able to hit. Pelicans are large white birds with even bigger beaks. They mostly waddle along the beach and are probably the one animal that is really going to trigger the feelings of guilt when you kill them. Just walking along the beach, having a good time, minding their own business.

what does a pelican look like

How To Get Pelican Wishbones

A Pelican wishbone is an item that is dropped when you kill a Pelican. The wishbone is a rare drop that is less common than the feather. You will know the wishbone has dropped when you see a purple item marker show on the animal body.

Pelican Wishbone

What Are Pelican Wishbones Used For?

Pelican wishbones are an important crafting component. They are used for the crafting of pouches on a workbench. You can check out my Forbidden West pouch crafting guide for a full breakdown on all of the different components needed for crafting pouches, including wishbones.

How To Get Pelican Feathers

Pelican feathers are the second animal-specific item that will drop when you kill pelicans. These are marked using the blue item identifier over the dead animal. The drop rate of the feathers is higher than that of the Wishbones but due to how easy it is to find Pelicans in general, you should have no problem finding all of the items that you need.

What Are Pelican Feathers Used For?

Pelican feathers are used for crafting items and upgrades at a workbench. There are other upgrades and items that will require this item in order to craft.

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