Complete Rift Apart Weapons Guide

complete weapons guide

Ratchet & Clank is a game franchise that is well known for having an incredible arsenal of insane weapons. Even the most humble of weapons are capable of dishing out some serious damage when you take the time to upgrade them.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is no exception as it has one of the most diverse and exciting weapon lists in the franchise. For those looking to know what the best weapons in the game are or what weapons are best avoided, check out the complete Rift Apart weapons guide below.

Full List of Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Weapons

There are quite a few weapons in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Sadly, there is no Groveatron, which has always been my favourite. With that being said, there are some fun new weapons to make up for its absence. Check out the full list of weapons for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart in the list below.

  • Burst Pistol
  • Executor
  • Shatterblast
  • Ms/Mr Fungal
  • Ricochet/Wreckochet
  • Large Negatron Collider
  • Lightning Strike
  • Void Reactor
  • Apocalypse Glove
  • Topiary Sprinkler
  • Doom Blades
  • Peacemaker
  • Bomb Voyage
  • Blackhole Vortex
  • Migrane/Headache
  • Cold Front
  • Drillpack
  • Pixelizer
  • Bouncer

Below you can find a video with an overview of all of the weapons and a brief rundown of where they are most effective. Will help you decide the best places to invest your raritanium.

Best Weapons To Upgrade

Having played through the game twice, once on challenge mode. I was quite obsessive over making sure I upgraded every single weapon. The following weapons were the ones that were the most diverse and useful in dealing with all of the enemies that the game throws at you. If you have a limited amount of raritanium, these are all of the weapons in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart that you need to focus your time and effort getting upgraded as quickly as possible as they are going to help you get through the most difficult challenges with ease.

  1. Doom Blades – An old favourite of the Ratchet & Clank franchise. This weapon does good damage and is pretty easy to aim at a target since the blades sort of lock on to the nearest enemy. Once they do, they will keep hitting the enemy until they get distracted like they are being hit with a swarm of bees. Ammo is replenished in larger amounts and you store quite a bit. This is one of the most solid and reliable weapons to have in your arsenal to take on all kinds of enemies.
  2. Doom Glove – These little guys start out pretty weak and pathetic. The advantage they have is you release them and forget. They will run around and do their own thing. They will require some raritanium upgrades before they are of much use but it is definitely worth the effort to do so as once they are maxed out, they will really pack a lot of punch and help you clear out rooms of enemies with little effort.
  3. Mr/Ms Fungi – When fully upgraded, you will have 2 fungi per grenade and have 2 grenades active at once. That’s 4 of these guys active in the field at once. With the upgrades that distract enemies, you can throw 2 grenades and pretty much deal with a boss and several enemies without even having to dodge a bullet as the army of fungi will work on distracting all of the enemies in the area. As with the doom glove, it is a fire and forget weapon so you can throw these guys down and get back to killing with a different weapon. It makes levelling this weapon up super easy.
  4. Headache/Migraine – This weapon is especially valuable for the harder difficulties. You can snipe out large groups of enemies, picking them off one by one. Headshots do a lot of damage and so long as you take out the enemy you shoot, it will often not alert others to your location. This weapon also does serious damage to the bosses and other large enemies. Aiming down the sights will slow time, giving you an easy way to line up headshots without having to worry about incoming damage right away.
  5. Bouncer – You won’t unlock this until you hit challenge mode but it is a fantastic weapon. It does heavy damage and can be useful for groups of enemies of even for boss fights. By the time you unlock this, you will more than likely have plenty of spare raritanium to upgrade it to the max very quickly. Felt it was worth mentioning here anyway.

Is There Enough Raritanium To Fully Upgrade All Weapons?

There are a lot of weapon upgrades to purchase from Ms Zirkon and only so much Raratanium, at least only so much at once. Is there enough raritanium in Rift Apart to purchase every single weapon upgrade in the game?

The answer is yes, but you will have to go out of your way to grind it in certain locations. The video guide below will show you one of the best locations to get unlimited raritanium that you can use to upgrade your weapons.

If you decide to start a new game in challenge mode, you will keep your upgrades and be able to collect all the raritanium again. The problem is that the weapons also have another round of upgrades that you can purchase so you will need more of it to fully upgrade the weapons. The best course of action is to use this guide to farm raritanium in Rift apart. 

Weapons That Are Not Worth Upgrading

Whether a weapon is good or not comes down to your play style. There are a few weapons in this game that really just don’t cut it when compared to the other weapons in the game. Having spent a lot of time upgrading every weapon in the game, the following list of weapons in Rift Apart were ones that stood out as not being worth the time and effort it took to upgrade them. It is up to you if you want to ignore them but I found very little benefit in having these upgraded when I had the other high powered weapons in my arsenal.

  1. Shatterblast – This is pretty much a grenade and nothing more. Since there are a large number of weapons that have a blast feature, the low amount of these you can carry, combined with the lack of precision you get when hitting enemies, make this rather pointless.
  2. Ricochet/Wreckochet – This weapon can be quite good against boss fights as it will hit them hard but it is slow to use and you must not be distracted while using it or else it will lose its advantage. Since most boss fights have additional enemies, this is of little use when fighting the only enemies it is really good for.
  3. Lightning Strike – This has the makings of a good weapon. The arc damage spreads out to a good few enemies and it also disables them when it hits them. The problem is that is does such little damage, even against the weaker enemies. You will only end up wasting ammo crates filling up the ammo for this gun. You burn through so much of it and can often never kill anything that it just feels useless.
  4. Large Negatron Collider – Although I have included this in the list of weapons that are good at dealing with crowds of enemies, I also feel this weapon will be one that most people ignore. It is rather clunky to use. The charge time is slow and you must not take any damage while the beam is firing. If you do not get to hit enough enemies or sweep the beam correctly, you will not do much damage with it and more than likely take damage. I got this to level 10 and it was awesome during a few moments in the game but for the most part, I never used this weapon and feel as though there are other weapons that do high damage that doesn’t come with the same drawbacks that this one does.
  5. Blast Pistol – There will be a point where this is the best weapon that you own but as time goes on it becomes nothing more than the weapon you use when you run out of ammo for the good ones. It is no harm in upgrading if you have spare resources and have already focussed on the good ones. This is the old reliable but it is nothing special and once i got better weapons, I don’t think I ever touched it again.

Now that you know the weapons to focus on and the weapons to avoid, anything not mentioned is pretty much up to you. They are all worth upgrading but focus on the good ones first and then work on the less powerful weapons. I would recommend you check out the video above for a better idea on what weapons are best for you before you start playing the game.

Best Weapons for Boss Fights

best weapons to upgrade
Boss fights are common enough. You will see them from the health bar that appears on the screen. You will need to use the weapons that pack the biggest punch for these enemies.

Boss fights are common enough in Rift Apart. Sometimes they are major story bosses and other times they will just be heavy machines/large enemies. You will always know it is a boss fight due to the health bar that will appear at the top of the screen. These enemies are always harder to take down and you will need to unleash everything you have to avoid getting killed. The list below will highlight some of the best weapons in the game that you should be using for boss fights.

  1. Mr/Ms Fungal – Mr Zirkon is no more, but in his place is Ms Fungal. The organic counterpart does an incredible job during boss fights. Not just because it is a second weapon to attack with but when upgraded, not only will 2 spawn at once, but they will distract enemies from you allowing you to dish out some serious damage while they are distracted.
  2. Apocalypse/Doom Glove – Most bosses have additional enemies spawn. Using these guys to keep them distracted while you focus on the boss make for a solid combo.
  3. Topiary Sprinkler – A great weapon for the same reason as the Apocalypse glove. This has the advantage of also turning the boss into a topiary which gives you time to regain control of the battle if you were struggling.
  4. Migraine/Headache – This allows you to stay clear of any close-range attacks and if you keep focussing on the same area of the enemy, it will increase the damage dealt with each shot. It also deals a huge amount of damage in general which makes it great for the tough enemies where 100% of the damage it can do will be inflicted on the enemies.
  5. Peacemaker – The heavy weapon of the group. A large rocket that will also shoot smaller rockets when upgraded. A single rocket is a waste on a smaller enemy but with bosses, it will take off a nice chunk of damage, just like the migraine does.

Best Weapons for Crowds of Enemies

rift apart weapon list
Weapons with splash damage are best for dealing with crowds. Find the weapons that deal some explosive damage to make the most of each round of ammo you fire into a crowd of enemies

Enemies often tend to come in groups. A group of sandsharks may not be quite as scary as a group of heavy Nefarious mechs so you will know when you need to dish out the big guns. Boss fights often come with swarms of enemies so knowing the right weapons to use during these battles is essential. There are a few weapons that are incredibly powerful when it comes to disposing of larger groups of enemies. Splash damage and multipliers based on enemies hit will all come into play here.

  1. Blackhole Vortex – The bullets are not strong on their own but when they kill an enemy, it creates an explosive blackhole that causes significant damage to nearby enemies which often triggers a chain reaction
  2. Cold Front – This weapon does far more than incapacitate enemies. When you shoot this into a crowd, several enemies will be encased in ice. This alone causes some damage and stops the enemies from attacking you. The bonus comes from your wrench. Hit an ice cube to cause it to smash into other ice cubes. In a small enough area, it can cause them all to start crashing together and wipe out some incredibly strong enemies with almost no effort.
  3. Void reactor – I didn’t get much use out of this weapon for absorbing damage because it is far easier to just dodge. Using the blast feature, however, it can take out huge numbers of enemies, even with smaller obstacles in the way. Essentially like a shotgun.
  4. Doom/Apocalypse Glove – When upgraded, you will get 5 of these little guys to spread out and take on multiple enemies. The explosion on death is also a great way to clear out enemies.
  5. The Bouncer – You will not unlock this weapon until challenge mode but it is a worthy mention. Even when it has not been upgraded, the advantage of the bouncing bombs that home in on enemies are great. What you essentially get is a single grenade-like bomb that will blow up causing damage but also split into several more bombs that lock onto enemies and hit them. You can take out a dozen enemies with one or 2 shots.
  6. Large Negatron Collider – This weapon can deal some massive damage when you sweep across a crowd of enemies and then target a stronger enemy. I was in two minds about whether or not to include this as it is a rather clunky weapon to use that more often than not will result in you taking some damage before you get to fire it. With that being said, sneaking up on a group of unaware enemies and unleashing a beam can sometimes wipe all of them out. This weapon is a beast but the cost comes with the long charge time and the fact that you must not take damage while the beam is firing if you do not want to interrupt it. If you are having trouble using it, it is best to just forget about this weapon and try something else.

What Weapon Do You Get For The Spybots? [SPOILERS]

There is a collectable side quest where you will be promised a weapon of epic proportions if you are able to locate the 10 hidden Spybot across the galaxy in Rift Apart. Finding all of the Spybot is easy enough since the map for the planet will let you see whether it has a Spybot or not. Once you get them all, what is the weapon that you get for your troubles?

For most fans of the franchise, this weapon sounds like it will more than likely be the Ryno V rocket launcher. Kind of exciting but also a letdown that it will be given to you so late in the game if it is true, but is it?

The answer is the Ryno 7. You can actually see this spoiled by one of the game progress trackers in the main menu of the PlayStation 5. Once you collect all of the Spybot, you will unlock this awesome weapon. Probably useless if you unlock it in your challenge mode run.

Weapon Upgrade Related Questions

I hope that everything I have covered in the detailed guide above will answer all of your questions. To help you out, I have put some common questions people have in the section below that might help you decide whether a certain weapon is for you or not.

Is The Groovitron In Rift Apart?

Most definitely my favourite weapon from the Ratchet & Clank series. Will this awesome grenade that makes everyone dance (that Fortnite definitely didn’t blatantly rip off) make an appearance in the latest ratchet and clank game?

Sadly, no! Unless this is some super legendary rare weapon, I can safely say that after two complete playthroughs of this game, the groovitron was not a weapon that I was able to find in this game. It can’t be purchased from the traditional vendor and was not an item unlocked from any side quest or collectable in the game.

Doom Glove Robots Die Super Fast

Yes, this is very common when you are using them at a low level with no upgrades purchased for them yet. They are pretty useless in their basic form. They are, however, one of the best weapons in the game and are worth every piece of raritanium it costs to upgrade them to the highest level.

Is The Large Negatron Collider Worth Upgrading?

This is a tricky weapon to use and as I mentioned in the guide above for weapons to avoid, this weapon is a rather clunky one to use. The trouble it takes to use combined with limited ammo and the fact you need to avoid all damage while standing still to make use of it, the weapon is not really worth the effort of upgrading in my eyes. Dedicated gamers can put the time into upgrading it but I would not suggest you waste time upgrading this.

How Do You Unlock The Pixelizer and Bouncer?

Both of these weapons will be unlocked when you start challenge mode. You will need to complete the game and then start a new game in challenge mode. This is essentially a new game +. To add a little more excitement to the second run, both of these weapons will become available to you once you start this game mode.

What Are The Best Weapons To Focus On?

I would suggest you scroll up and check out the list of the best weapons to upgrade in Rift apart. It will go into detail to explain the weapons that provide the most value that you should aim to upgrade quickly as possible.

Like with most Ratchet & Clank games, the arsenal of weapons available to you is going to be pretty awesome. The majority of weapons are worth upgrading in the long run but the list above will highlight the ones that you should try to upgrade as quickly as possible in order to be able to tear through the more difficult encounters.

Are Weapon Upgrades Shared Across Ratchet & Rivit?

Yes, when you purchase an upgrade as one character from Ms Zirkon, the upgrade or new weapons will be automatically be added to the inventory of the other character the next time you switch over.

Are There Trophies For Upgrading All Weapons?

There are a LOT of weapon upgrades when you consider getting from level 5-10 adds a considerable number of new upgrades. There are a good few weapon-related trophies in Rift Apart but none of them will require you to get all of the upgrades. There is a trophy for purchasing every weapon but this will come naturally as you work through the game.

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