Scarstu Debris Field Spybot Location

Scarstu Debris Field Spybot Location

Scarstu Debris Field is commonly referred to as “Zurkies” during the main events of the story. On this planet, there is a Spybot that is hidden away and can be a little difficult to find. Here is where to find the Spybot on this planet.

Spybot Location Guide

As you are coming up to the main entrance of the arena, avoid going into the door and instead turn right. You will see some crates here or sometimes some ammo. Make sure not to rush too fast or you could fall off the edge of the cliff.

Look in the distance and you will see a single platform. This is where to find the Spybot. You will need to use your grapple to latch onto the floating ball in the gap between you and the far-away platform. Use this to get the momentum to make it over to the other side where you can collect your reward.

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