How To Find Hidden Crates

hidden crates

After playing a couple of missions in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, you may have noticed that you failed to find a Hidden Create in a certain level. What are these crates and how do you find them?

Well, the hidden crates in Alien: Fireteam Elite are special boxes that appear in random locations that award you some really good items. Similar to the reward you get from completing a mission, you can obtain weapon attachments, skins and lots of other great items. Keeping an eye out for these is essential if you want to get a more powerful loadout.

What Do Hidden Crates Look Like?

Hidden crates look a lot like regular crates that you find along with ammo boxes and health packs. The only difference is that they will be red instead of white.

hidden crate
Here you can see a hidden crate. They are rather easy to find when you know what to look for. It will just require you to search around a little more when you play through the missions.

Once you open one, other players on the team will be alerted. This makes it a lot easier to find these crates when you are playing with friends. Even though they are never that well hidden, a few extra pairs of eyes in each level will help increase the odds that you will find them more often.


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    • The chests are randomly placed, there is no golden rule. This guide shows how to find them as best you can.

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