How To Find Hidden Crates

How To Find Hidden Crates

After playing a couple of missions in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, you may have noticed that you failed to find a Hidden Create in a certain…
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Timothy vs. the Aliens Box Art

Timothy vs. the Aliens

Timothy vs. the Aliens is an open-world platformer, and adventure video game where a gangster will defend his black & white city from an invasion of full-colored aliens. The game takes place in Little Fish City, an open and large city that can be freely explored and hides many secrets and missions. This is a city full of platforms, and going through it won't be just walking from one point…
It came from space, and ate our brains Box Art

It came from space, and ate our brains

About 'It came from space, and ate our brains' In It came from space, and ate our brains you play as a dude who survived an alien invasion... For now... Nasty pink aliens invaded planet Earth to collect every available human brain. Why? Just because. In this top-down action packed horror survival game you need to defend yourself (and your friends) and make sure you can fend off the aliens,…
Returnal Box Art


After crash-landing on this shape-shifting world, Selene must search through the barren landscape of an ancient civilization for her escape. Isolated and alone, she finds herself fighting tooth and nail for survival. Again and again, she’s defeated – forced to restart her journey every time she dies.
Aliens: Fireteam Elite Box Art

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Set in the iconic Alien universe, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a cooperative 3rd-person survival shooter that drops your fireteam of hardened marines into a desparate fight to contain the evolving Xenomorph threat. Create and customize your own Colonial Marine, choosing from an extensive variety of classes, weapons, gear and perks, battling overwhelming odds in this heart-pounding survival shooting experience.
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Box Art

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

In Dawn of War III you will have no choice but to face your foes when a catastrophic weapon is found on the mysterious world of Acheron. With war raging and the planet under siege by the armies of greedy Ork warlord Gorgutz, ambitious Eldar seer Macha, and mighty Space Marine commander Gabriel Angelos, supremacy must ultimately be suspended for survival.


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Let's Play Dawn of War III

Let's Play
This is a game that has been on my list for so long. I was a huge fan of the first game and while I enjoyed the second, It really didn't live up to expectations. As a result, I just...
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How To Find Hidden Crates

After playing a couple of missions in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, you may have noticed that you failed to find a Hidden Create in a certain level. What are these crates and how do you find them? Well, the hidden crates...
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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

Score: 7.5/10
Aliens Fireteam Elite is the latest video game being added to the collection of games set in the Alien universe and has taken a big leap away from the previous game, Alien Isolation. Join up with two others online and...
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Returnal Review

Score: 8.5/10
It feels like it has been quite a while since the launch of the PS5. For most of us, the time has been spent playing PS4 games that occasionally have patches to take advantage of the PS5 hardware, but very...
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It came from space and ate our brains Review

Score: 7/10
It came from space and ate our brains, quite the catchy game name right? The trailer and marketing material will pull you in with its humor and 1950s spooky alien horror theme. Team up with friends to fend off an...
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Timothy vs the Aliens Review

Score: 6/10
When it comes to alien shooters, there is no shortage of them in todays market. There is a shooter for almost every type of alien invasion scenario. While Timothy Vs the Aliens fits the "aliens got yo girl" cliché, it...
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New Survival Horror Where Aliens Abduct Your Baby

Gaming Videos
The Hum: Abductions is an upcoming horror set to be released on the PC and PS4. There are a lot of horror games on the market lately, but this is one of the first games in quite some time to...