Adamantoise Battle Was Not Worth The Wait

I bought Final Fantasy XV back when it came out and stopped playing once I beat the story. My plan was to wait until the season pass went on sale and I would come back to play the DLC and clean up the trophies. The battle against the Adamantoise was something I was going to save until the very end. I have finally got around to killing him and it was some letdown.

I am currently level 80 and have pretty much all the best gear in the game. I am definitely over-leveled for this boss battle. I thought that I would be able to kick ass but still be in for a decent battle. Turns out this boss isn’t a test of strength but one of endurance. Killing this asshole takes a long ass time. Not so much because he is tough but because its hard to land any decent shots on him.

It took me about 30 mins to grind him down to about 70% health. At this stage, I was sick of it. No fear of me getting killed and failing the fight, it was just boring as hell. Thankfully, since I had completed the game I had the ring weapon and was able to get an instant kill (after about 20 attempts).

This doesn’t take away from the other awesome battles in this game at all. I just regret saving this as my final awesome moment in such an amazing game. The fishing grind was more fun! Either way, got the platinum at long last.

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