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Outer Worlds Isn't Better Than Fallout

Bethesda’s ownership of the Fallout franchise has been a touchy subject for some people. I personally love the games, but there are those who feel it hasn’t translated well from its turn-based format. A lot of people regard New Vegas...
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Bioshock 1 Vs Bioshock 2

I have always looked back a lot more positively on Bioshock 1 over Bioshock 2, but it has been a long time since I played both. It was also quite a gap between playing the first Bioshock over the second....
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GTA V Ps3 vs Ps4 Comparson Video + 1080p Screens

We could have guessed that GTA 5 would look better if it was released on the PS4 but we did not expect it to look this good! It makes the PS3 version look like a PS2 game. Click to enlarge...


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