Numskull Cacodemon Figure Review

Numskull Cacodemon Figure
Numskull Cacodemon

The Cacodemon from Doom is one of the most iconic video game enemies. The large floating red ball that shoots projectiles from its mouth. The recent reboot of the franchise not only brought us a high-quality render of the Cacodemon but it also brought us a fun in-game collectable in the form of comical figures.

The Numskull series of Doom Eternal figures have brought those in-game figures to life and they look awesome!

With the Cacodemon being one of my favourite Doom monsters, I had to pick up this figure to give it a place on the shelf.

The figure is really good quality. The plastic is all coloured so there is no paint bleed or ugly finish. In fact, the finish is flawless. This is one of the nicest finishes on any of the gaming figures I have. This is a really nice one to look at.

The level of detail is low but that is less of a critique as the in-game figures these are representing are bang on, as you can see from the video below of the in-game collectable item.


This is a high-quality representation of the in-game item. The plastic has a nice finish, and sharp colours and feels quite sturdy overall. This makes a really nice addition to any gaming shelf.