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Destiny 2 Questions & Answers


The aiming in Destiny 2 feels a bit off. At first it moves slow and then it goes fast. Changing the sensitivity has not fixed it and using a different controller also made no difference. 

I have obtained some legendary shards after dismantling a load of excess items in my inventory. Where can i spend them or what do they get used for?

I have been collecting a lot of glimmer from chests and dismantling gear, but I havn’t really found a need to spend it on. It isn’t like we need repair kits or healing potions etc. What are some good things to spend glimmer on?

I have reached level 20 and the trophy for this (Long and Winding Road) has not unlocked for me. Is there a glitch with this?

I have heard these mentioned a few times from higher level discussions. What are bright engrams?

What is the maximum level your character can reach in Destiny 2?

What is the maximum value that your power level can be in Destiny 2?

The aim sensitivity seems really weird for me on PS4. The aim feels a bit sticky where it starts moving really slow, even if I have the stick pushed over fully, and then it will speed up after a second. Seems really weird to use it like this. 

I have been reading guides where people are suggesting a power level of X before doing some mission. What does this mean?

Purple is always for rare loot in these kinds of games so im annoyed u can’t figure out how to open them. I’ve killed 2 larger enemies and both times they have dropped a purple lockbox. How do I open these lockboxes to get the loot?