How To Get Heavy Weapon Ammo In The Crucible?


There have been a few times that I have been 1 shot killed by people using a rocket launcher or some other heavy weapon. I have played a lot of games now and I have yet to obtain any ammo for a heavy weapon any in Crucible matches. Other people seem to be able to obtain it, so I am wondering what I am missing. How do you get the purple ammo for heavy weapons in Crucible matches in Destiny 2?

How To Get Heavy Weapon Ammo In The Crucible
Destiny 2

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

When you are running around the maps, keep an eye out for purple holograms on the wall. If you go up to them you will see that there is a countdown timer. Once the timer hits 0, some heavy weapon ammo will appear and you can collect it. You may also come across one that has already spawned. There isnt much else in most of the maps that is a bright purple like this, so they are hard to miss once you know you need to look at the walls for them.

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