How To Take Pictures For Messages From An Ancient Era Quest?


I have picked up this quest and the guy has asked me to take pictures of the writing from the 13 stone slabs. He mentioned somethign about having a camera that can take perfect pictures. I assume he is talking about the camera from the Purah Pad. I remember zelda using it to take pictures at the start of the game but I havnt needed to take any since and I dont remember how to do it. How do you capture the shots of the writing?

1 Answer

Ray Cunningham -

The camera is not unlocked by default. It is something you will need to complete a quest for if you want to unlock it. This guide will cover how to unlock the camera if you do not know how. There is a main quest about using the camera in the depths. You gotta find robbie down there and this will unlock the camera and explain how to use it. After this point, you will have the camera to take any pictures that you need.

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