Video Game Name Generators


Xbox Gamertag Generator

We might be fortunate enough that Microsoft allow us to change our usernames on Xbox Live. Since it costs a bit of money, it is good to get it right first time around. Maybe you have had an amazing username...

Elder Scrolls Clan Name Generator

Thinking of starting up a clan or team for the Elder Scrolls? Thinking of a name can often be the hardest part. With a universe as large as the Elder Scrolls, there is an almost endless amount of references to...

Elder Scrolls Name Generator

The Elder Scrolls is one of the longest running RPG franchises and based on sales figures, one of the most popular. We only need to count the number of times a Thomas the Tank dragon has dropped down on the...

The Legend of Zelda Name Generator

The Legend of Zelda games have always allowed you to pick a custom name for your save file. This name would then be used when characters in the game spoke to you. This made for some pretty hilarious situations where...

Fantasy RPG Name Generator

Coming up with a name for your character in a fantasy RPG is a bit tricky at times. Do you name it after yourself or do you come up with something cool that ends up being something you wish you...


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Forager Wallpaper

Forager Game Guide

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Forager Items and Resources

Forager Wallpaper

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