GL-21 Grenade Launcher

GL-21 Grenade Launcher

The GL-21 Grenade Launcher is a supply stratagem in Helldivers 2, offering a powerful anti-infantry option for Helldivers in the field. This weapon is designed to deal with armored infantry and can demolish fortified positions, although it’s not suited for engagement against vehicle armor.

Usage and Functionality

  • Call-In Method: A brief 3-second call-in time is required to deploy this weapon on the battlefield.
  • Uses: The grenade launcher comes with unlimited ammunition, limited only by its reload capabilities.
  • Cooldown: The equipment has a significant cooldown of 480 seconds, encouraging strategic use and conservation.

Tactical Advantages

  • Infantry Suppression: The GL-21 is highly effective against clustered enemy troops and can clear out entrenched positions with ease.
  • Building Demolition: It can quickly demolish enemy structures, helping Helldivers achieve mission objectives that involve destruction.

Operational Limitations

  • Vehicle Combat Ineffectiveness: The grenade launcher is not designed to penetrate heavy vehicle armor, making it less useful against such targets.
  • Reload Time: As a supply item, the time taken to reload the launcher can leave Helldivers vulnerable.

Stratagem Traits

  • Support Weapon: Classified as a support weapon, the GL-21 provides additional firepower to Helldivers squads.
  • Hellpod: Indicates that the weapon is delivered to the planet’s surface via a Hellpod, part of the Helldivers’ rapid deployment system.
  • Explosive: The grenades are explosive, ideal for delivering blast damage to enemy forces and structures.


The stratagem is available for purchase for 6000 in-game currency, indicating it is not currently owned and needs to be bought before use.

Strategic Deployment

The GL-21 Grenade Launcher is best deployed against fortified enemy troops and to support Helldivers’ assaults on enemy positions. It should be used with caution to prevent collateral damage to friendly forces and ensure its rounds are reserved for high-value targets or critical moments in combat.

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