Eagle Smoke Strike

Eagle Smoke Strike

The Eagle Smoke Strike is a tactical stratagem in Helldivers 2 that deploys a barrage of smoke grenades to obscure the battlefield. This non-lethal option creates a thick smoke screen, effectively blocking the enemy’s line of sight and providing Helldivers with a strategic advantage for maneuvers or retreats.

Usage and Functionality

  • Call-In Method: Instantaneous deployment with a 0-second call-in time allows for quick reaction to shifting combat situations.
  • Uses: It can be called in twice before entering a cooldown.
  • Cooldown: The stratagem has a very short cooldown of 8 seconds, enabling frequent re-use during engagements.

Tactical Advantages

  • Visual Cover: The smoke screen can conceal Helldivers’ movements, allowing for stealthy advances or safe withdrawals under cover.
  • Enemy Disorientation: Enemies are less accurate and more vulnerable when their vision is impaired by the smoke.

Operational Limitations

  • No Direct Damage: This stratagem does not inflict damage; instead, it serves purely for concealment and misdirection.
  • Limited Duration: The smoke screen has a finite duration, so Helldivers must act swiftly while the cover lasts.

Stratagem Traits

  • Explosive: Despite being non-lethal, this trait is applied due to the deployment method of the smoke canisters.
  • Eagle: Denotes the precision and speed characteristic of Eagle series stratagems.

Strategic Deployment

The Eagle Smoke Strike is most effective in open areas where Helldivers need to create a temporary visual barrier. It can be strategically used to cover revives, objective completion, or to provide a distraction. Its quick deployment and low cooldown make it an essential tool for adaptive tactics on the field.

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