ARC-3 Arc Thrower

The ARC-3 Arc Thrower is a supply stratagem in Helldivers 2 that equips players with an electrifying close-range weapon. This device projects an arc of lightning, capable of charging up to release bolts that can chain through multiple targets.

Usage and Functionality

  • Call-In Method: It can be summoned to the battlefield with a 3-second call-in time.
  • Uses: The Arc Thrower boasts unlimited uses, limited by the user’s ability to manage the charge and avoid overheating.
  • Cooldown: It has a cooldown of 480 seconds, emphasizing the need for tactical deployment.

Tactical Advantages

  • Multi-Target Capability: The Arc Thrower’s lightning can hit several targets in close proximity, making it ideal for crowd control.
  • Charge Mechanism: The ability to charge up shots allows for flexible use, from quick zaps to more potent, sustained bursts of electricity.

Operational Limitations

  • Close Range: The weapon is most effective at close distances, potentially putting the user at risk.
  • Charge Management: Users must manage the charge carefully to maximize effectiveness and prevent the weapon from overheating.

Stratagem Traits

  • Support Weapon: This tag identifies the Arc Thrower as a weapon meant to support Helldivers in various combat scenarios.
  • Hellpod: The weapon is delivered via a Hellpod, ensuring rapid deployment from orbit directly to the battlefield.


The ARC-3 Arc Thrower is available for purchase for 7000 in-game currency, indicating that players must buy it before it can be used.

Strategic Deployment

The Arc Thrower is particularly useful in tight situations where Helldivers are facing swarms of enemies. It’s also advantageous for clearing out enemy hordes when defending objectives or holding a strategic point.

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