Orbital EMS Strike

Orbital EMS Strike

The Orbital EMS Strike is a non-lethal stratagem available in Helldivers 2 that serves as a ‘compliance weapon’ to modify enemy behavior. It launches a projectile that emits an electromagnetic pulse, temporarily stunning all targets within its effective radius.

Usage and Functionality

  • Call-In Method: Quick deployment is achieved with a 1-second call-in time.
  • Uses: This stratagem can be used an unlimited number of times, governed by its cooldown.
  • Cooldown: There is a 75-second cooldown between uses, allowing for strategic timing.

Tactical Advantages

  • Crowd Control: The EMS Strike is perfect for controlling large groups of enemies, buying time for Helldivers to regroup or reposition.
  • Disruption: It can disrupt enemy attacks and mechanical devices, providing a tactical edge in combat.

Operational Limitations

  • Temporary Effect: The stun effect is short-lived, so Helldivers must act quickly to take advantage of the disoriented enemies.
  • Strategic Placement: To be effective, the EMS Strike must be accurately placed to affect as many targets as possible.

Stratagem Traits

  • Orbital: This indicates that the stratagem is deployed from an orbital platform, utilizing advanced technology from above the planet’s surface.

Strategic Deployment

The Orbital EMS Strike is ideally employed in defensive scenarios where holding a position is crucial, or during offensive pushes to incapacitate enemies before a coordinated assault. It’s also useful for temporarily neutralizing enemy defenses during critical mission objectives.

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