How To Unlock The Hotel Safe

As you make your way through downtown Pittsburgh, you will come across a flooded street that you must help Ellie get through since she can’t swim. You will find yourself crossing a truck and end up in a rather fancy hotel where Joel will speak with Ellie about how he misses Coffee. In the back of the reception is a large safe that is locked using a combination lock. How do you open this?

Having spent time searching the nearby area for clues and then looking back over documents I had found, hoping someone might have written the code down, I found nothing. There doesn’t appear to be a code, so how to you crack the combination lock on the hotel safe?

Combination Lock Code For Hotel Safe

In order to crack the safe, you will need to rotate the dial and listen out for a click. Each time you twirl, you will hear a distinct click sound that is slightly different from the rest. When you hear it, work backwards and slowly move until you land on the number that is making this distinct clicking sound. This signals that it is the correct number to unlock the safe.

hotel safe combination lock code
You can see the correct code in the image above. This was found by listening for the clicks.

Once you have landed the first 2 numbers on the correct clicking sound, you can move onto the next. Once you have found them all, you will be able to press X to input the code and it will unlock the safe for you.

There is a chance that the code is going to be randomly generated and as a result, different for every player. If this is the case, the code in the image above will not unlock the safe for you. Instead, you will need to turn the dial for each set of numbers and carefully listen for the click before moving on to the next number.

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