Counting The Correct Number of Eyes

As part of one of the end game quests in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will be tasked with obtaining the materials needed to create a special chain. There are three lakes you must visit for this and as part of this, speak with three ancient Pokemon to seek help.

Each of these three Pokemon has a specific challenge that you must solve. One of these can be a little confusing when you are asked to count the total number of eyes between a certain number of pokemon and provide the answer at once. The answer is tricky to come up with but inputting it can also be tricky. This guide will help you figure this out if you are having trouble.

number of eyes for pokemon riddle
Riddle: Combee. Zubat. Unown. Magneton. Dusclops

What Is The Correct Number?

If you sift through your Pokedex to find each of the Pokemon and then count the number of eyes that they have, you will find the answer easily enough. In total, there are 12 eyes but you will not be able to enter this answer, which is where things get tricky again. The tooltip says “Enter your answers together as a series of numbers” but what does this mean.

You will need to enter the number of eyes that each Pokemon has in order rather than adding them up to create a total. Check out the image below to see the correct answer to input into the riddle to get it right.

enter your answers together as a series of numbers
When you enter the individual eye count as a series of numbers, like in the image above, it will allow you to progress with the story.


  1. It’s 60131…

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