Where To Find The Map-O-Matic


There are a few different types of collectable items that you can unlock in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Most of them are easily found but there are a few that will leave you stumped. If you are finding it difficult to locate the final items, you can check out the Rift Apart collectable guide, or you can get your hands on the Map-O-Matic.

The Map-O-Matic is essentially a treasure map. It will reveal the location of all of the gold bolts, Spybot and armour on each planet in the game. If you are planning on going for a second playthrough of the game on challenge mode, obtaining this on your first run is a great idea.

How To Get The Map-O-Matic In Rift Apart

The Map-O-Matic gadget is found on the pirate homeworld of Ardolis. You will not get here until later on in the game, which is why I suggest you grab this if you plan on playing the game again on challenge mode. This way when you are replaying through the early planets, all of the collectable items will be revealed on the game map for you.

The fastest way to find the item is to watch the video below. I have already found the chest in this video so I do not pick it up again but follow the path that I take from the pirate market and you will end up finding a small treasure chest at the very end.

Once you defeated the hordes of pirates that are protecting this chest, you will get the Map-O-Matic. In case you are unsure what to be looking for, the screenshot below will show you what the treasure chest looks like that contains this gadget.

Collectable treasure map
Once you reach the top of the club, you will find a small chest sitting there that contains your reward

How To Use The Treasure Map

When you have picked up the map, you will not need to do anything. All of the collectable items will be immediately visible on the world map when you press the touchpad.

collectable treasure map
You can see from this map that there are icons showing where the gold bolts and other collectable items are located. These would not normally be visible.
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