Best Gear Stats For Hunters

best gear stats for hunters

Many players focus very heavily on ensuring their gear has the best light level and in the process, they will likely think a piece of gear is better, simply because the light level is higher, which is often a big mistake. Light level is in no way linked to the quality of the gear. If this is something you do, you will need to stop doing this and continue reading this guide.

There are three different classes in Destiny 2 hunters, titans, and warlocks. Titans and Warlocks can often make use of the same stats but for hunters, you need to understand how gear stats work and then apply the best ones to the class to get the best results. This guide will cover the best gear stats that you need for a Hunter in Destiny 2.

Best Stats To Max Out For Hunters

To save you reading loads to get your answer quick, here are the three stats that you should aim to get as close as possible to 100. This will give you the best possible performance for your character. The unfortunate part of this is that there is going to be some debate between users on which stats are best to focus on but PvE the following will be all you need.

Gear Stats For Hunter (PvE)

Enemies in PvE are a lot easier to hide from compared to human players in PvP. This means the speed at which your health recovers is less important. So long as you can take enough damage to get to a safe spot, you are good. Grenades are also super important in PvE, especially for a hunter, so the focus on grenade recharge should outweigh health regen.

  • Resilience – Increases the amount of damage you can absorb.
  • Mobility – Increases movement speed and max jump height
  • Discipline – Increases the recharge speed of your grenade

Gear Stats For Hunter (PvP)

While grenades are great for PvP, they are not something you can rely on too often. It is much better to be able to get out of danger and be able to heal as quickly as possible. This is why we ditch discipline for a PvP build.

  • Resilience – Increases the amount of damage you can absorb.
  • Mobility – Increases movement speed and max jump height
  • Recovery – Increases health recharge.

Finding High Stat Hunter Gear

Now that you know what to look for, you need to figure out how to get your hands on it. Any piece of armor you pick up will have a chance to be perfect, but there are things you can do to increase the odds of getting a piece of gear with the stats that you want.

This video will cover the entire process and explain a huge amount of information to you in the process. I highly recommend you check this video out to learn more.

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