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Super Meat Boy Wallpaper

Super Meat Boy Shows Us How Trophies Should Be Done

When it comes to trophy lists the gaming community is very much split. Some love them and some hate them. Coming from someone who...

Fortnite Early Access Explained

We are about a fortnight away from the release of the Fortnite early access and there are a lot of things that seem a...

Lag Compensation Has Ruined Advanced Warfares Multiplayer

Lag has always been a topic of intense discussion with Call of Duty games. Advanced warfare is the first game that has tried to...
Skyrim Talent Tree

The Stress Of RPG Talent Trees

There was once a time when I hated RPGs and just wanted simple linear games. I have of course changed a lot and I...
What Is Power Armor

What is Power Armor And Is It Real?

When we hear power armor most of us will think of The Brotherhood of Steel but do any of us know what Power Armor...

Raiden Vs Ryu Hayabusa – Ultimate Ninja Fight

Physical Strength Raiden Raiden may appear to be relatively small in build considering his body is built with a cybernetic exoskeleton made from artificial muscle and...
power consumption of the PS4 Pro

Measuring The Power Consumption Of The PS4 Pro

I recently purchased a wattage meter that would allow me to measure how much power electronic devices were using. I have spent the past...

The History Of Wolfenstein Games

Wolfenstein is one of the elders of the video game industry. Although it may be commonly referred to as the first game, Wolfenstein 3D...

Female Game Characters Photoshopped To Have Average Female Measurements

When it comes to female proportions in video games we tend to have a lot of female characters who are skinny with massive boobs. In...
Insomniac make a Doom game

If Insomniac Games Made A Doom Game

Doom has gone down an unusual road over the past few years. While the latest iteration of the game, looks to me like it...


Red grated with use crush to open?

What Is one Punch Mode in Dead Island About?

Can You make the mini map rotate?

Where do you find the Laserkraftwerk?

Reach the tower lobby without Laserkraftwerk?