Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Box Art

Ghost ot Tsushima is a third person, open world game based on an a Samurai living on the Japanese island of Tsushima that has been invaded by the Mongolians. The game was developed by Sucker Punch, the studio behind the popular InFamous franchise. The Game was first released for the PlayStation 4 console on the 17th of July 2020.


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Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima is an artistically creative game that often feels like a realistic Zelda game. The minimal UI, clever use of wind and beautiful environmental details make exploration rewarding on its own. When it comes to combat, the game falls short. With a huge number of combat games to draw inspiration from, it is a shame this game is more like button mashy Dynasty Warriors game than it is a precision, high speed action game like Ninja Gaiden. You never feel like the powerful warrior the story tries to make you believe you are.


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Ghost of Tsushima Collectable Guide

Ghost of Tsushima Collectable Guide

Ghost of Tsushima is a large open-world game that is split up into three regions. There are a large number of points of interest for…
Guide To Upgrading Weapons, Armor & Gear

Guide To Upgrading Weapons, Armor & Gear

As you explore the Island of Tsushima, you will come across lots of resources. Things like bamboo, Iron and other similar materials. The game is…


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What is a Shoji Assassination?
[Ghost of Tsushima] - How do you perform a Shoji assassination as the optional objectives during camp liberations in Ghost of Tsushima? View Answer
Does it matter what option you select at springs?
[Ghost of Tsushima] - When you rest at a hot spring in Ghost of Tsushima, does it matter which option you pick for your thoughts? Will they both give the same bonus? View Answer
Where is the white smoke in the ruins of old Yarikawa?
[Ghost of Tsushima] - Where do you find the white smoke in the ruins of old Yarikawa? I have been running around in the dark and I am unable to find it. View Answer
Can you return to the past region after Castle Kaneda?
[Ghost of Tsushima] - Once you complete the tale for Castle Kaneda in Ghost of Tsushima, are you able to go back to the starting region of the game? View Answer
How do you observe Mongol leaders?
[Ghost of Tsushima] - How are you meant to observe the Mongol leaders in Ghost of Tsushima? I have an objective now to observe one at the beach and I don't know-how. View Answer
How do you use the grapple without being in the air?
[Ghost of Tsushima] - How do you attach a hook to the grapple points in Ghost of Tsushima when you are not already in the air and swinging? Can you do it while standing? View Answer
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Ghost of Tsushima Name Generator

Ghost of Tsushima takes us back to feudal Japan and puts you in the boots of a samurai warrior. Although the game has RPG elements, you play as a warrior called Jin Sakai. You will not get to create your...
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Japanese Sword Experts React To Ghost of Tsushima

The sword combat in Ghost of Tsushima looks pretty authentic. You can duel with enemies, sneak up and take them out or just face a group of enemies and try to take them all out as quickly as possible. Is...
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Why Ghost of Tsushima Is One Of The Most Beautiful Games On PS4

Ghost of Tsushima is the last major game release we will see from Sony for the PlayStation 4. The lineup of games released over the last few years has included some of the most beautiful games we have ever seen....