Why Ghost of Tsushima Is One Of The Most Beautiful Games On PS4

Ghost of Tsushima is the last major game release we will see from Sony for the PlayStation 4. The lineup of games released over the last few years has included some of the most beautiful games we have ever seen.

Last of Us Part II has set the bar so high that it will likely be a long time before another game beats it. Ghost of Tsushima may not have been a perfect game and may not be as realistic as The Last of Us but it sure is a pretty game.

The gallery below contains a collection of images that I captured while playing through the game. These are some of the most attractive scenes you will see in any video game. Sony have yet again proven that they have an incredible lineup of first party game development studios that are capable of outputting some amazing video games.

Ghost of Tsushima_20200707221700
Ghost of Tsushima_20200707221334
Ghost of Tsushima_20200627210553
Ghost of Tsushima_20200630210154
Ghost of Tsushima_20200627201505
Ghost of Tsushima_20200627195757
Ghost of Tsushima_20200626215417
Ghost of Tsushima_20200701222622
Ghost of Tsushima_20200705002802
Ghost of Tsushima_20200707201242
ghost of tsushima screenshots
Ghost of Tsushima_20200626184929
Ghost of Tsushima_20200707222451
Ghost of Tsushima_20200626200712
Ghost of Tsushima_20200707222223
Ghost of Tsushima_20200707222052
Ghost of Tsushima_20200626211116
Ghost of Tsushima_20200626192622
Ghost of Tsushima_20200626185016
Ghost of Tsushima_20200707222039
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