McFarlane The Witcher Kikimora Review

McFarlane Witcher Kikimora

With The Witcher gaining immense popularity on multiple platforms – books, video games, and now a Netflix series – fans of this rich, immersive world have been eagerly hunting for tangible relics from Geralt of Rivia’s universe. One such item, the MCFARLANE The Witcher Kikimora action figure, is a fantastic addition to any Witcher collection.

To begin with the positives, the grotesque and horrifying look of the Kikimora has been excellently captured by McFarlane Toys. Its spider-like legs, movable and rotatable from several points of articulation, add to its overall hideous charm. The designers have been faithful to the aesthetics of the creature, making it a wonderful collectable for enthusiasts and a spooky addition for anyone who appreciates scary knickknacks.

kikimora figure

The detail on the Kikimora figure is commendable, especially considering its price point. It has a sense of realism that you’d expect from higher-end models, illustrating that the company didn’t skimp on the small touches that make all the difference. Moreover, the head of the creature can be swapped out, allowing owners to recreate a kill scene if they have a Geralt figure, adding an extra layer of interactivity and playability to this toy.

However, despite its strengths, the MCFARLANE The Witcher Kikimora isn’t without its flaws. The very element that adds to its visual appeal, its numerous articulated legs, feels somewhat fragile. There’s an underlying fear that they could snap at any moment, making it somewhat challenging to set up the figure in various poses.

McFarlane kikimora joints

Overall, the MCFARLANE The Witcher Kikimora offers excellent detail and aesthetic appeal for a figure in its price range. While there is some concern about the fragility of the legs, the overall design and interactive features make it a worthy addition to any collection, especially for fans of The Witcher.


With a gruesome yet accurate depiction of the terrifying creature from The Witcher universe, the MCFARLANE The Witcher Kikimora stands out as an incredibly detailed and interactive piece. Despite some fragility concerns regarding its articulated legs, the figure is an impressive addition to a collection and provides good value for its price. Whether you're a Witcher fan or someone who appreciates intricate, scary figures, the Kikimora is a must-consider.
  • Incredibly ugly and horrable looking
  • The spider like legs can be moved and rotated from several points of articulation
  • The detail is really good for this price point
  • The head can be changed to build a kill scene if you have the figure of Geralt
  • Even if you do not know the witcher, this creature is quite scary and a cool piece to look at
  • The legs, while having many articulation points do feel like they could snap at any moment, making it tricky to setup a pose