Cable Guys Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku Mask Review

Cable Guys Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku Mask
cable guys crash bandicoot

The Aku Aku mask from Crash Bandicoot is something that is deeply lodged in the brain of many gamers who remember playing Crash on the PS1. The distinct Uga Buga sound it makes and all the bright colours are a nostalgia trip. It is this nostalgia and the vibrant colours that make this Cable Guy figure stand out from the rest.

This Cable Guy has the signature squatted pose with the two hands stretched out to hold a controller or phone. Without a controller, your eyes are going to be immediately drawn to the mask, which has a sort of hypnotic look. It is rather unfortunate that when you place a controller down, the best part of the figure is almost completely hidden.

cableguys crash aku aku

This kind of thing is not uncommon but for a lot of other Cable Guy figures, there are other things on the model worth looking at and there is usually enough of a face or at least some eyes peeking over the controller to look at. All of the attractive components are hidden with the controller, as seen in the image. It is hard to tell if this is Crash Bandicoot and spoils what is otherwise a really nice item.

The Claptrap figure from Cable Guys was another example of how using the product for its intended purpose is detrimental. There are cheaper ways to charge or hold a controller, it feels a waste to hide all the nice aspects of this product by using it as a charger. The downside to the Aku Aku figure is that the squatted pose is very noticeable and it looks a little off without something in its hands.

With a little creativity, however, it is possible to make the most out of this figure without having to hide all of the attractive elements. Finding something smaller for it to hold will give the stand a purpose while also allowing you to see all of the nice detail.

crash aku aku with controller

As far as detail goes, this is one of the best-looking Cable Guy stands I have seen. The paintwork is some of the best I have ever seen, across all of the gaming figures that I own. The texture detail of the fur and wood in the mask along with all of the colours are just flawless. This model is absolutely amazing, it is just a shame that it had to be a Cable guy as the squat really takes away from what would otherwise be an incredible display piece for your gaming setup.


Whether you are a die-hard Crash fan or not, this particular Cable Guy is gonna be one that will easily find a place next to your gaming setup. Exploding with colors and looking extremely striking combined with a very low price are gonna make this all the more attractive to anyone looking to fill out a shelf. To truly appreciate it, its probably best you do not use it to hold a controller.
  • Nostalgic appeal and vibrant colors evoke memories of playing Crash Bandicoot on the PS1.
  • The Aku Aku mask has a distinct Uga Buga sound and a hypnotic look, making it visually appealing.
  • The paintwork and texture detail on the figure, particularly the fur and wood in the mask, are flawless and among the best seen in gaming figures.
  • The figure is well-suited as a display piece for a gaming setup.
  • When a controller is placed on the figure, the best part (the Aku Aku mask) is almost completely hidden, which detracts from its overall appeal.
  • Compared to other Cable Guy figures, the attractive components of the Aku Aku figure are mostly hidden, making it difficult to recognize its association with Crash Bandicoot.
  • The squatted pose of the figure looks a little off without something in its hands, reducing its aesthetic value.
  • Using the figure as a charger or controller holder hides its nice aspects, and there are cheaper alternatives available for those purposes.