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How do you move the large boulder at the top of the hill for the merlin trial outside of Hogwarts castle?

I am unable to purchase the robes from Gladrags in Hogsmeade due to all my gear lots being full, how do i fix this?

Where do you find admiral Anderson on the Vidcom on the Normandy?

How do you gain the loyalty of team members in Mass Effect 2?

Where do you go to activate the Krogen for the dr.okeer legacy quest?

How do you perform a melee attack in mass effect 2?

How do you speak with the horse that has the exclamation mark above its head outside the horse mines?

My Pokemon was in the middle of evolving and then stopped with the message that the pokemon did not evolve, why?

Where can I find Failsafe in Destiny 2?

Is the dawning event pass worth spending money on? It seems kinda expensive, has anyone paid for it?