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Video game questions and answers. Get help with a game you are stuck with or find some answers to questions others have asked already. Freqently asked gaming questions will help you get through a game you are stuck on.


When you have a stack of items with multiple in the stack, how do you select a single item or a sub set of this stack?

What do all of these glowing pipes around the town do?

What happens when you have chopped down all of the trees that are growing on the island?

If I battle with other villagers at the rec center, will my planimals die in combat?

How do you change the order of the planimals that are in your party before going into combat?

How long does it take for an item placed in the pickler to be ready for collection?

How do you give gifts away to villagers in order to make them like you better in Monster Harvest?

What reward do you get when you defeat the three villagers at the rec center in Monster Harvest.

Is it possible to heal planimals during fights so they go into combat with full health?

I am stuck in a loop in Curse of the dead gods where it keeps asking me to do more training over and over.