To Catch a Coon Death Store Riddle Solution


I am trying to solve the riddle that Cartman / Mitch Connor gave me after talking to the guy in read ad the coffee shop. The riddle was something like "Where death comes in all shames and sizes come to this store for surprises". I can't find it written down in the menu, but it was something along those lines. In the menu it just says "Solve Connors death Store riddle". What is the solution to this, where do I go next to solve the riddle?

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

With this being South Park I had assumed that this would be the abortion clinic. As you run around looking for the location, Cartman will call you up and help solve it. Eventually he will just tell you that it is at Jimbos gun store.

There will be another riddle after this one, by its much more obvious than the first. Like before Cartman will eventually give you the solution.