South Park: The Fractured But Whole Questions & Answers


I have made it through the tutorial in South Park The Fractured But Hole and I don’t remember this coming up. Often when I am performing an attack a prompt comes up on the screen to press X. Sometimes I mash the button and it works and other times it fails me. What are you […]

I really want to find out who has been scratching Randy’s car. He told me to call back during the night and try and find out who has been doing the damage. How do I make the game change to night time?

I am in Kyle’s parents room in The Fractured But Whole and there is a golden trophy sitting in too of the wardrobe on the left corner of the room. I tried punching it but it isn’t making it fall down. Anyone know how to get this trophy or even if it can be knocked […]

I need to make a cocktail to get the DJ away from the booth. I have found the rat shit and the gin and tonic, but the jizz is not showing up as being in my inventory, even though I have found it. I got the jizz from the condom in the bathroom ceiling of […]