Is Isle Of Skye Scotland?


In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, is the isle of Skye meant to be Scotland? The map looks a lot like it and the name kind of hints. The people here sound like they are speaking some kind of Gaelic language but the NPCs don’t have a normal Scottish accent. When Ireland and France both had people who sounded like the native speakers, it has me doubting whether it is dispite there being evidence to suggest it is.

Isle of skye

Is Isle Of Skye Scotland
Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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bandersnatch -

It’s hard to say, the map is sort of like Scotland and the map design has lots of rocky highlands but as you said, they did a good job with Ireland and France to make it seem authentic. Maybe it is based on Scotland but due to it not being exactly like it, they chose to name it different and remove any direct connection?


  1. Skye is an island off the West Coast of Scotland. The map in the game is based on the Northern half of the island, with a few liberties taken. In the game, distances are compressed, but the landmarks are fairly accurate.

    The accents of the Voice actors are… not that great, but since we have no real idea how they really sounded, l guess that’s not really a problem.

    Try Wikipedia if you want to know more about the Isle of Skye. It is an amazing place. Bleak, beautiful and unique.

    Maybe one day, we’ll get an AC that shows mainland Scotland. Until then, Skye will have to do.

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