Assassins Creed Valhalla Questions & Answers


When I am given the objective to escort Hunwald to his home it keeps telling me that i need to be anonymous when I try to go into his house. What am i doing wrong?

I am unable to find the final clue as part of the walls and shadows quest. There is a murder scene in a room and I have 3 clues but can't find any more of them.

Randvi is stuck swimming in the water at the bottom of the sunken tower during the taken for granted quest. she won't climb the tower or do anything to progress the quest

when aiming with the bow, some enemies have an orange marker on their body. What does this mean. It goes away after you hit it once.

What do Roman artifacts do and who do you trade them with in the camp?

How do you get to the hidden treasure in Evinghou tower? I see the treasure below the bottom floor but I don't know how to get down there.

Birstan is not leaving toward the objective after I have killed the bears that are attacking him. How do you fix this?

Is there a way to fix a corrupted game save in assassin's creed valhalla?

Where is the builders paint needed for the final rune in the tower at Asgard?

How are you meant to solve the cats footfall riddle for the quest in asgard?