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Operating System Questions & Answers

Questions and answers around video game operating systems. This can include operating systems from game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation or any Nintendo products but can also be for things related to windows, Mac or Linux.


If I have music on my Vita memory stick am I able to listen to those songs in game without the game having explicit support for custom in-game music like you can do with the Xbox?

Is DLC on the Nintendo Switch region free? Can I download DLC from any region of the world and use it on my system?

The layout of the screens is pretty much the exact same. A touchpad on the controller and then a primary screen. Can the Wii U play games that were released on the 3ds exclusively?

Are games for the xbox 360 region locked or can I order a game from anywhere in the world and it will work on my Xbox console?

If the PS4 has run out of disk space, is it possible to just run the game without needing to install it to the disk first?

Is it possible for the Playstation 4 to get a virus? Do I need to be careful what websites I visit incase it gets infected?

When the battery is about to die, I charge it and want to switch over to the other controller. The problem is that I don’t know how to turn off the Dualshock 4 controller. I have looked in the quick menu where you can restart the system and there is no option to turn the […]

Where in the settings are you able to disable HDCP on the Playstation 3 to allow me to record gameplay using HDMI on the PS3?