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pace marine name generator

Space Marines are an iconic figure within the Warhammer 40k universe. The hulking power armor has them towering over the Imperial Guard soldiers that they often fight alongside. While it is uncommon for the names of individual space marines to ever make it into general discussion, based on how expendable life is in this universe, commanders and high-ranking soldiers will generally have a known name.

Space Marines live and die for the emperor. A god-like figure that the marines will worship and unquestionably follow. Many comparisons can be drawn between the practices of the space marine leadership and the catholic church. They worship an almighty leader with structures and language feeling very similar.

Latin is a very common language in both the Space Marine world. Not just that, but a very strong angelic and positive religious influence also comes across in this also. When it comes to space marine name ideas, working with Latin as a foundation and drawing influence from names used in ancient human civilizations such as Rome, Egypt and Greece are a great place to start for names.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Name Generator

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Space Marine Commander Name Generator

Space Marine commanders are often treated like holy leaders. Treated with similar adoration and respect that bishops and cardinals may be treated with, Space Marine commanders are closer to the light of the emperor and therefore, granted more powerful abilities and strength.

When it comes to the names that the various commanders in the existing Warhammer universe use, there is a very obvious Latin influence and names that were quite common in some ancient civilizations on earth such as Greece or Rome.

Different chapters within the space marine hierarchy will draw on some different influences. Not all are quite so strictly religious and for these, you may want to deviate away from the “light” so to speak. For the space marine commander name generator below, you will get a nice selection of names that you can use for a blood angel commander or other similar high-ranking soldiers.

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