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Japanese Demon Name Generator

Japan is home to some of the best horror creations of all time. While often featured in movies, Japanese demons are very common in the JRPG video game genre. For those wanting to create a story based in this Asian...
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Japanese Sword Experts React To Ghost of Tsushima

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The sword combat in Ghost of Tsushima looks pretty authentic. You can duel with enemies, sneak up and take them out or just face a group of enemies and try to take them all out as quickly as possible. Is...
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Ghost of Tsushima Review

Score: 6/10
Following a Mongolian invasion, you find yourself as the last Samurai of your clan and must seek vengeance. Equipped with a katana and the skills of a highly-trained warrior, the journey ahead is going to be a bloody one. Ghost...
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Samurai Name Generator

Samurai warriors are common in stories based around ancient Japan. These were the highly trained that earned the same respect that knights would in medieval cultures in western countries. The Japanese language may not be something most people are familiar...