Just Ordered Three Kingdoms Fate of The Dragon

So, you are probably wondering what this game is and if you have Googled it, you are likely wondering why I bothered buying this game. This goes back a long time for me. When I first bought a gaming PC, I did so because I loved RTS games (I still do). Having spent many, many hours playing Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology I started looking for some other RTS games. I don’t remember how I came to own a copy of Fate of the Dragon, but I did and I remember loving it…most of the time.

Fate of the Dragon is a clone of Age of Empires set in ancient China. It was not as good as AOE, but I remember it having some interesting mechanics such as armies needing food to stay strong and some really cool siege equipment. The game was a lot harder than Age of Empires and I got quite good at it, but one day I ended up loosing my temper with it, BIG TIME!

The way the game worked is that you would have to supply your army when they were stationed away from your home base area. I am pretty sure there was a cap on the number of soldiers you could build, so you needed to use all your men when going to war. Since I had all my men away from the base camp and a huge amount of resources being pumped out to keeping them afloat I neglected my main base. I was about 2 hours into this single level when my homebase was suddenly attacked by the AI opponent and all of my amazing base building work was gone. My full army was no use since I didnt notice my base being attacked and by the time I did, it was because I had run out of food and my army was crippled. This was completely fair of course, I failed to monitor my base and it got attacked without me noticing. However, my teenage self did not see it this way. I immediately quit the game and uninstalled it right away. This didn’t cool me down, so I proceeded to eject the game disc and snapped it in half, thus ending my time with Fate of The Dragon.

I always regretted doing what I did and over time I forgot about it. The revival of AOE II got me thinking about this game again, but it took me a long time to remember what it was called. Eventually I found out the name and was able to pick it up on eBay for $2.50. I am actually looking forward to playing this game. Hopefully now that I am older, I will be able to play it without freaking out when I fail a mission. I wonder of nostalgia is making me remember this game being better than it actually was. I will find out next week!


  1. hey, I really want to play the game. have tried many times to play it in Windows 8, but got no clue how to run it.
    Do you play it in Win 8 or above? please give me some tips to run the game. i’ll really appreciate it.


    • Right click the exe and run it in compatibility mode for Windows XP. This should make it work for u.

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