Twitch PS5 Another Device Is Currently Broadcasting To The Same Channel

    Another Device Is Currently Broadcasting To The Same Channel

    Streaming to Twitch is so incredibly convenient on the PlayStation 5. Simply load up the game, press the share button and you can broadcast your gameplay in a matter of seconds. This process does not always work as expected, unfortunately. One of the more common errors you might experience is an error that states another device is currently broadcasting to the same channel.

    If you have been spending time building up your Twitch channel, you may find this worrying as it seems like your Twitch account could be compromised if someone else is streaming to it. Fear not though, this error does not mean that there is someone else streaming to your channel. It seems to be a bug that has been hanging around for quite some time.

    Fixing Another Device Broadcasting Twitch Error On PS5

    This is a strange error and we dont fully know the cause behind it. It may be a genuine error, some other device may actually be broadcasting to twitch but if you are reading this, it is likely not the case. You can attempt some of the steps below to fix the problem if it persists.

    Try again 2 or 3 times

    Sometimes things just go wonky with the broadcast. If you try to stream again, it may work. Try to do it a few times and the error may eventually go away and you will be able to broadcast without any issues.

    Restart The PlayStation

    A full reboot may solve the issue. Make sure you don’t go into rest mode, you need to do a full system restart. Fully power off and then back on again.

    Unlink and Link Twitch Account

    From the settings menu, you will be able to go into accounts and see the accounts that are connected, Twitch will be one of these. You could also go to the Twitch website and disconnect the PlayStation network from the list of connections. Either way, you need to break the link between the two and then connect it back up again.

    Once Twitch has been reconnected, try to broadcast again and you should be able to do it without trouble.

    Reset Stream Key

    Head over to Twitch and in the settings menu for Stream, reset the stream key. This could clear out any junk and any bad software that might be holding onto a connection to your Twitch account.

    Another Device Is Currently Broadcasting To The Same Channel
    Reset the stream key from stream settings on your Twitch account

    Enable 2-factor Authentication

    There is no real downside to having this enabled and it comes with lots of benefits. When you first turn it on. It will disconnect every device that has been set up to work with your Twitch account, including the PlayStation. You will have to reauthenticate everything but it at least allows you to only reconnect what you want and to rule out anyone who may have potentially hacked your account.

    Check For Upload Errors or Speed Issues

    Streaming to Twitch requires a solid upload speed. On top of this, any issues with the upload speed on your network could mess this up. Try running an internet connection test to see if there are any issues with your upload speed. A low speed could signal an issue. Scroll down on the test and you may also see an additional error about IP packet fragmentation which is also something that can cause this error with twitch. If you have this problem, check out this guide for clearing the IP Packet fragmentation error on PS5.

    ip packet fragmentation
    The internet connection test will highlight any issues that may exist with your network connection that could be causing issues when trying to stream to twitch

    Contact Twitch Support

    If none of the above is working for you, you may have no other option than to contact Twitch support and have them look into your account. They are rather slow to reply unfortunately and they often give back copy and paste responses where they don’t even read your email so this could take weeks if not months to resolve but if the issue does not go away, you have little else to look to for help.

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