How to turn off HDCP on the PS5

    turn of hdcp on the ps5

    There was a time when PlayStation gamers were plagued with issues relating to HDCP. This was back in the day before consoles had the ability to record gameplay. Today, most players can easily stream gameplay from the console without needing a capture card. If you are looking to optimise your streaming and stream to multiple sources at once, you will need a capture card and as a result, need to turn off HDCP on the PS5.

    HDCP is a protective layer that goes through an HDMI cable to prevent people from recording the feed. This is required for the playback of Blu Ray movies to stop people from being able to easily convert a disc-based movie into a digital file that they can share with others.

    HDCP is not required for playing video games but it can be turned on anyway to prevent capture cards from recording footage from a HDMI feed. This will require you to turn it off if you want to use a capture card. Here is how to do it.

    How To Disable HDCP For Capture Cards

    The options to enable or disable HDCP can be found in the main settings menu on the PlayStation 5. If you navigate to the following location in the settings menu, you will be able to turn it off.

    System -> HDMI -> Enable HDCP

    disable hdcp
    From the HDMI settings menu, you will find the option to toggle HDCP

    Once HDCP is disabled, you will be able to record gameplay footage using your capture card over a HDMI cable from the console.

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