Using the Delivery Truck for Transportation

In Metal Gear Solid, navigating the map and reaching different locations can sometimes be challenging. However, there’s a clever trick that allows you to use a delivery truck for transportation, making it easier to move around the game world. In this guide, we will explain how to use the delivery truck and a cardboard box to travel between areas quickly and efficiently.

  1. Find a Cardboard Box: First, you will need to locate a cardboard box with a destination written on it. Make sure the destination on the box is different from the area you are currently in.
  2. Locate the Delivery Truck: Next, find the delivery truck parked in one of the game’s areas. This truck is typically found near loading docks or warehouses.
  3. Enter the Back of the Truck: Approach the back of the truck and climb in. Make sure you are not spotted by any guards or security cameras during this process.
  4. Equip the Cardboard Box: Once inside the truck, open your inventory and equip the cardboard box with the destination written on it.
  5. Wait for the Soldier: Stay inside the cardboard box and wait for a soldier to enter the truck. The soldier will assume the box is part of the cargo and drive the truck to the designated area written on the box.
  6. Arrive at Your Destination: When the truck reaches the destination, the soldier will unload the cargo, including your cardboard box. Wait for the soldier to leave the area before exiting the box to avoid detection.

Using the delivery truck and a cardboard box is a creative and efficient way to travel around the map in Metal Gear Solid. This method allows you to bypass security measures and reach your destination without engaging in combat or sneaking past guards. Keep in mind that you must use a box with a destination different from your current location for this trick to work. With this technique, you can save time and effort while navigating the complex world of Metal Gear Solid.

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