How To Get The C4 In The Armory Area

In Metal Gear Solid, the Armory area is a crucial location where you can find essential items, such as the C4 explosive. Obtaining the C4 is necessary for progressing through the game, as it allows you to destroy walls and access hidden areas. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the Armory area and successfully acquire the C4.

  1. Locate the Armory: Begin your mission by locating the entrance to the Armory area. This area is typically found on the first floor of the building, and you can access it by using the appropriate keycard or by finding an alternative entrance.
  2. Avoid Guards and Security Measures: As you enter the Armory, be cautious of the guards patrolling the area and any security cameras or laser tripwires that may be present. Use your radar and observe their patrol patterns to avoid detection. If necessary, use chaff grenades to temporarily disable security cameras.
  3. Search the Rooms: The Armory area consists of several rooms, each containing different weapons and items. Carefully explore each room while avoiding guards and security measures. Keep an eye out for the room containing the C4 explosive.
  4. Identify the C4 Room: The room containing the C4 explosive is marked with a distinctive symbol on the door. Look for a door with a yellow explosive symbol, indicating that the C4 is stored inside.
  5. Enter the C4 Room: Once you have located the room containing the C4, use the appropriate keycard to unlock the door and gain access. Be cautious when entering the room, as there may be guards or security measures inside.
  6. Acquire the C4: Inside the C4 room, you will find the C4 explosive on a shelf or in a locker. Approach the C4 and press the action button to pick it up and add it to your inventory.
  7. Exit the Armory: After obtaining the C4, carefully make your way out of the Armory area. Be mindful of any remaining guards and security measures as you leave the building.

Navigating the Armory area and acquiring the C4 in Metal Gear Solid requires a combination of stealth, observation, and strategy. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully obtain the C4 and use it to progress through the game. Remember to stay vigilant and utilize your arsenal of weapons and gadgets to overcome the challenges that lie ahead in the world of Metal Gear Solid.

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