How to Stop Wolves from Attacking You In MGS

How to Stop Wolves from Attacking You

In Metal Gear Solid, one of the challenges you may face is dealing with aggressive wolves that can attack and harm you as you navigate through the game. Fortunately, there are two effective methods to prevent these wolves from attacking you. In this guide, we will provide detailed instructions on how to use Sniper Wolf’s handkerchief and a unique cardboard box technique to safely pass through areas inhabited by wolves.

Method 1: Using Sniper Wolf’s Handkerchief

  1. Obtain Sniper Wolf’s Handkerchief: After defeating Sniper Wolf in the game, you will receive her handkerchief as part of the story progression.
  2. Equip the Handkerchief: Before entering an area with wolves, open your inventory and equip Sniper Wolf’s handkerchief.
  3. Walk Through the Area: With the handkerchief equipped, you can now safely walk through the area without being attacked by the wolves. The scent of Sniper Wolf on the handkerchief will cause the wolves to recognize you as a friend and leave you unharmed.

Method 2: Using the Cardboard Box Technique (Harder but More Fun)

  1. Enter the Cave: Find the cave inhabited by the wolves and enter it.
  2. Eliminate the Wolves: Carefully eliminate all the wolves in the cave, except for the small one near Meryl.
  3. Shoot Meryl: Aim at Meryl and shoot her to cause a distraction. This action will not harm her but will draw the attention of the small wolf.
  4. Equip the Cardboard Box: Quickly open your inventory and equip a cardboard box.
  5. Wait for the Wolf: Remain inside the cardboard box and wait for the small wolf to approach you. The wolf will “relieve” itself on the box, marking it with its scent.
  6. Use the Box in Wolf-Inhabited Areas: From this point on, whenever you need to pass through an area with wolves, equip your marked cardboard box. The scent on the box will cause the wolves to recognize you as part of their pack, allowing you to move through the area unharmed.

By using either Sniper Wolf’s handkerchief or the unique cardboard box technique, you can effectively prevent wolves from attacking you in Metal Gear Solid. These methods allow you to safely navigate through areas inhabited by wolves without engaging in combat or risking harm. Choose the method that best suits your gameplay style and enjoy a safer journey through the game’s challenging environments.

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