Sagebrush Game Map

sagebrush game map

Sagebrush is an atmospheric and interesting first-person adventure game with a pixelated art style. You start out the adventure returning to the grounds of a cult and must retrace the steps of the people that once lived there. Finding your way around without a map can be quite difficult due to the darkness and resolution of the game.

Since a lot of the puzzle-solving in this game will require you to travel back and forth between the different locations on the map. Since the draw distance is quite poor and combined with low quality visuals, it can be easy to get lost and find your way around.

To speed things up for those looking to get through this game a little more quickly or just a power run to get the platinum trophy, this game map will be super helpful in making sure you get to speed around the map as quickly as possible.

The map is not 100% perfect, but it is as accurate as it needs to be for you to be able to navigate the cult grounds without getting lost.

sagebrush game map
Sagebrush game map showing the location of all of the areas on the map

I have used the general names used for each location on the map that you can use as a reference when following tutorials and walkthroughs. Since the game does not have a map that you can use to navigate, this map will be the next best thing.

After having gotten the platinum trophy in a single sitting, I was able to map out the area in my head and I have recorded it down to help anyone else who is getting started in this game and is finding it difficult to find your way around the area.

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