Elder Scrolls Online Fishing Guide

eso fishing

Fishing is a relaxing and rewarding activity in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) that allows players to catch various types of fish, obtain valuable crafting materials, and unlock achievements. This guide will provide an overview of fishing mechanics, bait types, rare fish locations, and achievements, helping you become a master angler in ESO.

Fishing Mechanics

Fishing in ESO is a straightforward process that involves finding a suitable fishing hole, using the appropriate bait, and patiently waiting for a fish to bite. Here’s a step-by-step guide to fishing:

  1. Find a Fishing Hole: Fishing holes can be found near bodies of water throughout Tamriel, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. They appear as small, shimmering pools with fish swimming around.
  2. Equip the Right Bait: Different types of water require specific bait to attract fish. Open your inventory and right-click on the appropriate bait to use it.
  3. Cast Your Line: Approach the fishing hole and interact with it to cast your line. A bobber will appear in the water, indicating your fishing spot.
  4. Wait for a Bite: Watch the bobber closely. When it dips below the water’s surface, quickly press the interaction key to reel in your catch.

Bait Types

There are four types of water in ESO, each requiring a specific type of bait to catch fish:

  1. Foul Water: Found in sewers, swamps, and other polluted areas. Use Crawlers or Fish Roe as bait.
  2. Freshwater: Found in rivers and lakes. Use Insect Parts or Shad as bait.
  3. Ocean Water: Found in coastal areas and ocean shores. Use Worms or Chub as bait.
  4. Brackish Water: Found in areas where saltwater and freshwater mix, such as river mouths and coastal marshes. Use Guts or Minnow as bait.

Bait can be obtained through various methods, including looting containers, killing insects and small creatures, or purchasing from vendors.

Rare Fish and Locations

Each zone in ESO has its unique set of rare fish that can only be caught within that zone. To catch these rare fish, you must use the correct bait for the type of water you are fishing in, and you must fish in that specific zone.

To find the locations of rare fish in each zone, consult various ESO resources, such as online maps, forums, or in-game guides. Keep in mind that the chance of catching a rare fish is relatively low, so you may need to fish for an extended period to catch them all.

Fishing Achievements

There are several fishing-related achievements in ESO that can be unlocked by catching specific fish, completing fishing objectives, or participating in fishing events. Some notable fishing achievements include:

  1. Master Angler: Catch all 12 rare fish in each zone of the base game.
  2. Fish for Every Dish: Catch one of each type of fish found in Tamriel.
  3. Baiter Harvester: Harvest 100 bait items from various sources.
  4. Fishing Event Achievements: Participate in fishing events, such as the New Life Festival’s Fish Boon Feast, and complete the associated objectives.

Unlocking fishing achievements can grant you various rewards, such as titles, dyes, and furnishings for your home.

Tips for Efficient Fishing

  1. Fish with Friends: Fishing with a group can increase your chances of catching rare fish, as each player’s catch is unique and not shared.
  2. Use Addons: Consider using fishing-related addons, such as Rare Fish Tracker or Votan’s Fisherman, to help track your progress and locate fishing holes more easily.
  3. Be Patient: Fishing in ESO is a relaxing and slow-paced activity. Enjoy the scenery and take your time to catch the rare fish you seek.

Fishing in Elder Scrolls Online is a rewarding and enjoyable pastime that offers unique rewards and achievements for dedicated anglers. By understanding the mechanics of fishing, using the correct bait, and exploring the various locations of rare fish, you can become a master angler and fully immerse yourself in the world of Tamriel.

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