Hilarious New Game Where Leo DiCaprio Fights To Collect Acting Awards

Leo's Red Carpet Rampage

The Oscars are on the way and like almost every year in recent memory Leonardo Dicaprio is up for an Oscar that he most definitely deserves to win, but has not yet won. The frustration of fans has brought us a lot of amazingly funny memes, but this one takes the prize. Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage is an amazing 8 bit browser game that puts you in the expensive shoes of Leo as he runs down the red carpet in a quest to get as many movie rewards he possibly can.

The game features some hot cameos and plenty of other funny award related jokes. The best by far are all the movie references. For those who don’t know his movies, the jokes might be lost, but this game is pure madness jammed into a few short minutes of awesomeness.

I havn’t been this entertained by a browser game since I played the fantastic Vladi Bird. I must say this is the funnies browser game i have ever played. Anyone who is a fan of his movies has to check this game out. The button mashing mini game where you must “Act Harder” had me laughing!

Leo Acting Harder
Leo Acting Harder

Click here to play Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage

If you are too lazy to play the game, here is the trailer to give you an idea of what you would get from the game.

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