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The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening Questions & Answers

The skeleton boss isn't taking any damage in the catfish's maw dungeon. The bones just fall down and then he gets back up

Should i purchase the bow and arrow from the store in Mabe village or should i wait and see if i get this from a quest reward or chest?

The walrus below animal village is blocking the way over to the desert that has the angler key. How do you get him to move out of the way?

I dont see any way to get over to the temple after using the angler key to unlock it. There is no tunnel nearby to make it to where the waterfall stopped.

The person in the telephone booth says I need the anglers key. This is in the bottom right of the map. I found where animal village is but I can’t get across the water. When I try to do a charge jump, link just falls directly into the water. How do you get across to […]

what are you meant to do with the stick item in links awakening. I got it from the monkey and I have no idea what to do with it

Where can i find the location of the Ocarina item in The legend of zelda links awakening. I need it as part of the main quest and cand find it

What does the owl in Link's Awakening mean when he says in soil sleeps secrets beneath your soles. What is the solution for this riddle?

I have found four out of the five golden leafs at the castle in the legend of zelda links awakening and I can't find the remaining one

Koopas are an enemy from the Mario franchise why are they showing up as enemies in The legend of Zelda Links Awakening?


Why is the gear share option grayed out?

How do you jump?

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How do you reverse a wagon?

How do you slow your horse down?