The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening Questions & Answers


Where is the boss key in the second level bottle grottto in the legend of zelda links awakening. I have been around the temple and cant find it.

Will amiibo figures work in Link's awakening in the same way that they have for other Zelda games that have been released recently?

I am not strong enough to pick the bottles up and i cant destroy them with my sword. What is the trick to destroying bottles in this game?

The plants at goponga swamp are blocking the entrance into the cave. What do you need to do to destroy them and get into the cave?

Who are you meant to trade the dog food with after giving the chain chomp dog the red ribbon in the legend of zelda links awakening?

Who do you trade the ribbon with after getting it from the mother with the Yoshi doll in The legend of Zelda link's awakening?

I won the Yoshi doll in the claw game. What am I supposed to do with it? Seems funny that It ended up in this game but I am wondering what you are meant to do with it?