Nerdburglars Game of The Year 2023

As we reflect on the year 2023, it’s evident that the current generation of game consoles are beginning to hit their stride. This year has been nothing short of a renaissance for gamers, with titles that have pushed the boundaries of storytelling, technical prowess, and artistic expression. From breathtaking adventures in familiar yet astonishingly new worlds to sequels that have outshined their predecessors in every conceivable way.

In this roundup, we dive into the best of the best – the games that have defined 2023 as a landmark year in gaming. These titles have set new standards, not just in their respective genres, but in the medium as a whole. They have captivated audiences worldwide, brought communities together, and have shown what the future of gaming holds. From the magical halls of Hogwarts to the intricate web-swinging streets of New York, each game on this list represents the pinnacle of what gaming can achieve.

Join us as we explore these extraordinary games that have not only marked 2023 as an exceptional year in gaming history but have also etched their names in the hearts of players around the globe. Welcome to Nerdburglars game of the year 2023!

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Breath of the Wild stands out as one of the best games in the Legend of Zelda franchise since Ocarina of Time. Tears of the Kingdom was somewhat guaranteed to be as good, if not better, than BotW since it was based on the same engine and world, but no one was prepared for just how much better it would be. We don't quite know what sort of black magic Nintendo used to get Tears of the Kingdom to run this well on the Switch hardware, but it is truly one of the best Zelda games ever made. The lack of at least 1080p 60fps may be an issue for some, but the game is so engaging that you'll soon forget about it as you become entirely absorbed in this new world.

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Alan Wake II


The long-awaited sequel, Alan Wake 2, brings us back to Cauldron Lake to finally put an end to the darkness infesting the land. Alan Wake 2 really went above and beyond what we could have expected. It offers an incredibly strong narrative that vastly surpasses its predecessor, a tough task in itself. A far less repetitive gameplay loop, along with deeply atmospheric levels and clever puzzles, make this game a must-have for anyone who loves a good horror story.

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Hogwarts Legacy


Video games based on popular fictional works often don't have a great track record. Prior to its release, there was some hype around Hogwarts Legacy, but most people managed to temper their expectations, aware that it was likely to be disappointing. However, there was no preparing for just how good this game was going to be. It delivered absolutely everything you could have wanted from a game set in the magical world introduced in the Harry Potter movies. The lack of DLC for this title suggests that even the publishers were completely blindsided by the game's success.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2


Another sequel that has managed to outshine its predecessor. Expectations were high for this one, and it proved to be a technical masterpiece. Two Spider-Men fighting against one of the most iconic villains from the Spider-Man franchise, Venom, is a recipe for success, and thankfully, Insomniac Games delivered exceptionally well. How this game managed to perform so well without any (visible) load screens is a truly impressive achievement.

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Baldur's Gate 3


In a year where we expected Starfield to dominate the RPG space, Baldur's Gate 3 came along to show us that modern RPGs have become somewhat diluted. With a vast world rich in lore and carefully crafted quests, Baldur's Gate 3 has most definitely earned the title of best RPG of the year... not that Starfield stood much of a chance, to be fair!

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