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irrational games make king kong

This article is my dream game from the perfect game developer. Unfortunately as most of us know Irrational Game are no more so this will always be nothing more than a dream. For this Fantasy game I look into the idea of ” Irrational Games Make King Kong ”

Why Irrational Games

Irrational may not have a huge catalogue of games they have created but when it comes to the content they have released over the past 10 years it shows that they were about quality not quantity. The whole look and feel of the Bioshock games, more specifically the first Bioshock game is an awesome throw back to the past. The steampunk style of engineering mixed with the fashion and ideas of the generation build a beautiful world for gamers to experience.

Bioshock – Rapture

Since King Kong is set back in the 1933 it is the perfect period of time for the Bioshock flair to be applied to New York and a mysterious jungle island. Irrational have build two beautiful worlds in the past few years that took the time period in which they were set and combined this with their own unique ideas and presented it all beautifully. I would have complete faith in Irrational to recreate this world with the quality and depth they gave to Rapture and Colombia.

Why King Kong

The time period is the first thing that really makes this a good idea. Anyone who has played Bioshock Infinite and the first Bioshock will agree that the developers did an amazing job at merging the time period with their own unique ideas. 1930s New York was a really cool place (at least it is when it is portrayed in the movies), being able to play a game where you get thrown back to this period is a welcome break from most modern shooters. The movies really never tell us much about skull island (the island where King Kong lives). Setting a video game on this island would allow us to adventure around a bit and see areas we have never seen. The fact that skull island is a throw back into the past where there are dinosaurs and other strange creatures really leaves the developers open to use their imaginations with both enemies and story.

The story of King Kong is quite cool and although there was a video game made for the release of the 2005 movie it was nothing special. An island containing a giant guerilla that is capable of killing a T-Rex is awesome! There are not many GOOD games that contain dinosaurs and this is a shame because they kick ass! What better place to make a kick ass dinosaur game than on an island where King Kong lives. Irrational would never need to explain why there are dinosaurs there because we all know how the story of King Kong goes.

What would the game be like?

King Kong Game Screenshot

This game would function like any other FPS. I am a huge fan of bioshock and have very few complaints about how this game plays. Obviously plasmids and Big Daddies would be a thing of the past but the story and setting should be enough to make up for the special powers. There is no denying that Big Daddys are kick ass but a T-Rex is also a wicked, badass enemy!

As for level design it would to be kept linear but give the player some sort of open world freedom. The first Crysis game did a great job of giving the player the feeling of an open world adventure but at the same time guiding the player down a linear path with a single goal and the occasional side goals. This would be perfect for this game as it would allow the players to explore the island in depth if they wished to just to take in all environment and enjoy the awesome world that was created.

The main start to finish story is already written so some other side quests to complete along the way that will reveal more hidden secrets and mystery about the island would be really rewarding. Whether you are a fan of the movie or not the concept of an island that time forgot is a seriously cool idea and gives a lot of freedom to designers and writers to come up with some amazing ideas.

Is it possible

As of Feburary 18th 2014 Irrational games is no more. Ken Levine announced the closure over the studio and confirmed that the new studio would no longer be working on such big titles and instead would be focusing on smaller games. This means that a King Kong game will never see light. It’s unfortunate that such a great studio is gone but maybe someday they will reopen the doors.

Since Irrational will never make a King Kong game who would be your dream developer to produce this game?

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