What Does It Mean To Set A Primary PS4?

    If you own more than 1 PlayStation 4 you will likely have encountered the issue of a primary PS4. You may have also heard about it from friends who are looking for free games. The process of setting up a primary PS4 and what it means for digital content is a little confusing which is why I have decided to clear it all up with this article, Primary PS4 Explained!

    I will start by explaining clearly what it is and then attempt to answer questions. When you set a primary PS4, all other users of that PS4 can enjoy the digital content you own, even if they are not logged in to your account. For example, I buy Minecraft. My brother can then log into his account and play the game, even though he never bought it. If I deactivate that PS4 as my primary PS4, my brother will no longer be able to play the game, but I still will.

    As long as you are logged into your own PSN account, you can play your digital games on any number of consoles, but this, of course, isn’t something you really want. The primary PS4 system attempts to resolve this without it becoming a free giveaway like it was on the PS3. While it is possible to share games with your friends using this method, it is not ideal or recommended.

    To use a good scenario. Let’s say you have a PS4 downstairs in the living room that the whole family uses and you have a PS4 in your bedroom that only you use. It makes the most sense for you to make the PS4 in the living room, your primary PS4. The reason for this is that all other family members can then play the digital games you bought. Since only you use your PS4 in your room, there is no need for it to be primary, since there is no one to share the content with. You will still be able to access your games on both systems, so long as you are logged into the account that purchased the games with the non-primary PS4.